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Greeting Cards Download

Greeting Cards Download Greeting card download tool creates customized cards to fulfill your necessities cards tool fabricates premium quality cards for making incredible moments of your life memorable and also application proffers browsing and editing facility on your chosen picture in refined way. Innovative greeting cards download utility makes numerous varieties of greeting cards including occasional cards, personalized card, miss you card, thank you card, corporate card, friendship cards, New Year card, funny cards, holiday cards and more. Easy

Cards Making Advanced application to generate personal visiting cards in proficient approach
Cards Making

Cards making is more admired to generates many types visiting cards similar to Logo business cards, Creative business cards, Sample business cards, Business cards letterhead, Discount business cards, Jewelry business cards, Elegant business cards and Personal business cards. Corporate visiting cards creator application allows downloading free trial edition to distinguish advanced software elements and effective working capabilities without any additional

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ID Cards Design Versatile tool to design printable and personalized ID cards in various formats
ID Cards Design

cards in minimum time by modifying name, text and barcode in existing cards. Software supports several cards making objects like pencil, text, arc, star, pictures and other similar tools to design custom made identification cards. With supports of easily adjustable settings and print preview feature user can generate perfect identity cards without any printing error. ID cards designing application provides facility to generate attractive cards with

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Prime Cards 1.1.3: Compete with friends or robots and see who is the master of prime!
Prime Cards 1.1.3

cards to form prime numbers before your opponent does so. The game uses 60 cards, which are divided into two categories, namely composite cards and operation cards. The following shows these cards with their quantities stated in brackets: composite cards are 4 (x10), 8 (x4), 10 (x4), 20 (x2), 25 (x2), 26 (x2), and the operation cards are -2 (x12), +1 (x12), and +7 (x12). When the game starts, 7 cards are dealt to each player. The remaining cards

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Crossword Solitaire 1.0.0: Create the crossword puzzle using cards
Crossword Solitaire 1.0.0

cards to a place that is adjacent (horiztonally or vertically or diagonally) to one of the cards on the table. When putting the cards, observe three rules: 1) two face cards must not be adjacent to each other (horizontally or vertically); 2) if all 7 cards in a row or column are filled, then those 7 cards (face cards excluded) must sum up to a even number; 3) the cards between two face cards or between a face card and the boundary of the crossword

fill, word, crossword

Multiplayer Canasta 1.5.0: Play Canasta with players over the internet.
Multiplayer Canasta 1.5.0

cards and 4 jokers , you and the player sitting opposite are partners. At the start of a hand 11 cards are dealt to each player, and then one card is turned from the stock cards to form the discard pile. In this game, 2 and jokers are wild cards, and the basic objective of this game is to form melds. A meld is 3 or more cards of the same rank with at most 2 wild cards and at least 2 natural cards (non wild cards). When a meld is formed, it is laid

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Multiplayer Rummy 1.1.2: Empty your hand, then go out and win.
Multiplayer Rummy 1.1.2

cards to be dealt to each player will depend on the total number of players in the game. In a 2-player game, each player will be dealt 10 cards, and for a game with 3 to 4 players, 7 cards will be dealt to each of them. The dealer distributes the cards by dealing each player one card at a time in clockwise direction around the table, until all players have the required number of cards. The remaining cards are placed face-down on the table as the

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